Hear our story and where our love of all things off road started.

History of OGT

Off Grid Trailers started out as a passion project. A Jeep lover and outdoor enthusiast, founder Mark Badgerow glimpsed off-road teardrop trailers at Daytona Beach Jeep show in 2014. Smitten with the concept but deterred by the price point, he decided to build his own. A journeyman welder by trade, he wanted a compact, off-road trailer he could tow with his Jeep and built to withstand Canada’s cooler climate.

Amidst visions of back country camping miles away from civilization, roughing it through the bush with his wife and kids, he designed and built that first trailer in his garage with no intention of starting a business. But once he got it on the road, his trailer attracted a lot of attention and sold. With the next project, the trailer design was improved, with subtle changes to enhance both quality and functionality. Since building that first trailer, our team continually tweak and innovate our designs based on customer feedback, resulting in the models we make today.

With the growth of Off Grid Trailers, the company now manufactures in Edmonton, AB – and the team has grown too.  Off Grid Trailers has expanded to welcome fledgling adventurers into the fold. The entire OGT team are all believers that backcountry camping is for the whole family.

Adventurous and creative, ambitious and curious, the OGT teams passion for design, quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship are only matched by their love of the outdoors – a love that guides everything we do at Off Grid Trailers. Our off-road teardrop trailers are inspired by overlanding and off grid camping – they’re designed for engaging with nature, for camping off the grid.

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