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All {Metal} Construction.

All Metal Construction.

Off Grid Trailers are designed from the ground up to be strong.

The Off Grid Trailer design blends strength, durability, and comfort to meet all of your demands. With a 2” x 3 1/8” walled steel mainframe, fenders made from 1 ½” CNC formed steel and walls built out of 6061 Aluminum, Off Grid Trailers are built to stand the test of time.

{Built to Last} as Long as You.

Built to Last as Long as You.

Our trailers are for those who like to take the scenic route over rocks, ruts and roots.

Our heavy duty Timbren independent suspension provides a comfortable 4” lift suited for off road tires.  With 22” of unobstructed ground clearance, you can take our Expedition Trailer on the most demanding trails.  Aluminum fenders and brush guards offer protection while towing, and the fully insulated cabin offers ideal comfort for when you reach that perfect spot. Our roofs are engineered to support your kayak, tent or any adventure option, including yourself while you rack your gear.  Lets build your next adventure together!

{Make it Your Own} With Off Road Options.

Make it Your Own With Off Road Options.

Every one of Off Grid Trailers can be customized to make your next adventure even better.

 Tents, bike racks, and tire upsizing are just a few of the many options we can offer.  Our dedicated craftsmen can offer more customization to suit your needs, turning your dream adventure into a reality and getting you started on your next overlanding adventure!

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For the weekend warrior

The Pando is a great introduction to Off Grid Trailers with no compromises. With the rear galley revealing a customizable and durable outdoor kitchen, it’s easy to imagine navigating up your favorite trail.



For the experienced offroader

The Overlander takes what the Pando does well and makes it better. More room, more capability, and more customizable features await the overlanding enthusiast.



Only for the extreme

The Expedition is engineered to test your limits in the most extreme off road trailering. With no compromises on comfort, the Expedition can outlast even the most rugged challenge.

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